Scalarworks LEAP/MRO Trijicon Mount - Absolute Cowitness 1.43" Height

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The Scalarworks Leap Mount is an ultra-lightweight, snag-proof optic mount with a precision guided telescoping clamp that holds zero on every re-installation, and under the heaviest recoil, guaranteed.

The Leap's monolithic base employs a perpendicular tubular structure that deflects impacts equally well from all directions with the minimum amount of material. The Leap's thumbscrew has the maximum possible shank diameter, a #10-32 threaded end, and is hardened past SAE Grade 8.2 for unparalleled rigidity. All internal threads are cold formed. This forces the material grain to flow around the threads; increasing their yield strength, hardness, and wear resistance. The Leap's precision clamp features a hooded thru-hole to buttress the thumbscrew's shank, as well as a pair of hardened steel pins that provide lateral impact resistance.