About Us

Who Are You?

As former first responders in Chicago, we are aware of what can happen when bad guys get guns. We are also aware that it is important to arm yourself and be prepared if something bad were to happen. However, we also know that for a majority of us, this is a hobby, and as such, we can appreciate that as well.


Why Such a Long Name?

We acknowledge that for most of our customers, this is a hobby, and this is simply a nod to one of our other hobbies - video games. If you spent enough time playing Call of Duty, then you're familiar with Prestige Mode, which is essentially starting from scratch for the tactically useless virtue of a cool badge or a gold finish on your gun. We don't have any gold-plated guns....yet. 


Do You Offer Discounts?

YES. We are currently working out some kinks as we try to transition to more of an online business model, but we run promotions from time to time, and we do plan on running first responder discounts as well. 


How Far Did You Get in Call of Duty?

Well...we got to the fourth prestige mode, so uh, yeah.